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Our work is generally divided into the following stages:

Conceptual Desing and Charettes

The success of the design of an outdoor area depends largely on the knowledge and understanding of existing conditions. Evergreen Landscaping draws up a complete site analysis of the influencing factors, which often begins to suggest potential solutions.

As we develop the first conceptual designs and participate in charettes, we offer a first overview of the potential of the project, often proposing several design alternatives to help define the approach. In this phase, we provide schematic key plans and sketches that enable a better visualization of the concepts put forward to the client.

Design Development and Construction Documents

Evergreen Landscaping develops the design chosen by the client and puts together a complete package of construction documents for design of outdoor spaces, patios, or building atriums, in which structures, pavements and planting are described, including the written description, and technical specifications regarding the execution of the project, as well as the plans and construction details necessary for tender and execution of the project.


The success of a project also depends on meeting the financial objectives. Every project includes take-offs and precise details necessary for the project valuation. The schematic design package may include a preliminary cost. In the detail design and construction drawing stage a detailed breakdown of costs is included, with market price comparison to aid decision-making during the tender process.

Construction Supervision

The construction supervision is the culmination of any landscape project. In this phase, the progress of the construction is carefully controlled and the work carried out by the contractors duly monitored, as are the fulfilment of the details in the plans and the observation of the technical specifications. Frequent visits to the construction site are essential to detect any deviations from the original plan or construction problems and to efficiently resolve doubts and queries that surface during the construction phase.

Maintenance Supervision

In order to ensure the correct establishment of plantings, we also offer our clients the possibility of having our experts in horticulture meet periodically with the landscape contractor to correct deficiencies and review procedures. In this way the service is complete, avoiding degradation of a project due to inappropriate landscape maintenance.