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Valladolid, 2020

Promoter: University of Valladolid, Municipality of Valladolid

Surface area: 45.000 m2

Team: Urban Planning Department, University of Valladolid

INDNATUR proposes a green/blue corridor in the Argales industrial estate (Valladolid) with the use of Nature Based Solutions (NbS) to improve the environmental quality of the area and to connect the estate to the rest of the city.

Starting from a metropolitan analysis, the relationship of the industrial estate with the surrounding city was explored and the benefit of incorporating the irrigation canals in the environs of the Pisuerga and Duero rivers as part of the green infrastructure. The proposal is to renaturalize the degraded stream and to maximize biodiversity in the sections of the canals that cross the industrial zone. On the urban level, green streets complete the drainage network, with the use of rain gardens, permeable pavements and the planting of urban trees to improve the function of the street scape, as well as incorportating a bike path as an alternative means of transport for workers.