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Madrid, 2019

Promotor: Private client

Surface area: 115 m2


First phase in the remodelling of an attic terrace in downtown Madrid. The south/southeast orientation of this terrace allows a continued use throughout the year, in summer with shade structures and the humidity provided by the plantings. The large size of the terrace in relation to the interior of the residence, with openings from the dining room, entry hall, living room and bedroom, offers the opportunity to considerably enlarge the living quarters.

In order to offer an adequate planting volume, modular planters were designed, in two heights to play with volumes and create sub spaces.

The modular exterior sofa, along with auxiliary tables and armchairs, were specially designed for the space, and allow other configurations.

A small fountain visible from the entrance hall, provides a welcome sound of trickling water next to the exterior seating area.

The species planted are very hardy to ensure growth in harsh Madrid climate, including vines to offer a greater privacy from the surrounding buildings and to cover the facade and so reduce solar heat refraction. The flowering species are mainly in white, with touches of lilac. Small trees in enameled planters such as a small olive tree, pmegranate tree and lemon tree, add a Mediterranean touch to the ambience.