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Madrid, 2019

Developer: Board of Property Owners of Valdebebas

Surface area: 782.400 m2

Team: Evergreen Paisajismo, GIS Engineering, Irati Projects, Phares Water Engineering

The Valdebebas Agrourban Park will form part of the larger Felipe VI Forestry Park and seeks to recreate the forested and agricultural landscape that previously was present on the site. Such a park design will bring the rural world closer to the urban population and offers multiple advantages as a landscape strategy for a large peri-urban park. The large size of the park requires initiating a process for soil regeneration and restoring habitats, while offering the possibility for park users, especially the younger generation, to participate in environmental awareness programs that highlight the ecosystem services that rural areas offer cities and how natural landscapes coexist with agricultural and urban areas.

Three different landscape typologies can be identified in the new park: the higher areas will be developed as a dehesa, a pasture and forest ecosystem characteristic of the Iberian peninsula, an intermediate area with a food forest and agrarian activities, and the lower area next to the urban edge, a riparian corridor associated with the Valdefuentes stream restoration.

Estimated construction completion date: June 2022