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Madrid, 2012

Developer: DUCH

Surface area: 129.600 m2

Team: Susana Canogar, Urban Networks

Conceptual design for a park adjacent to the Chamartín Railway Station, on the rooftop covering unsightly rail tracks. The strategic ocation of the park in the proposed urban transformation makes it relevant for station users but also for the new district, where the “fifth façade” of the park is an important consideration as the large towers surrounding the park will have commanding views, an opportunity to develop an almost painterly quality of the landscape to be viewed from above.

The park structure is organized around dense tree areas, forest, as opposed to large open areas, clearings, giving way to multiple in-between spaces to harbor different activities and situations suitable for a park of these characteristics: from shade and comfortable seating areas to escape the hustle and bustle of the city to larger opens spaces where large cultural events can take place, such as concerts, festivals and other temporary events.