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Madrid, 2019

Developer: Board of Property Owners of Valdebebas

Surface area: 887.426 m2

Team: GIS Engineering, Irati, Phares Water Engineering

Valdebebas Central Park was conceived as a large park to be developed with two different tempos: the urban front as a promenade to the urban development, in part already built, while the interior area has a more extensive character, and the aim is to regenerate the natural landscape.

The urban edge of the large park has a very similar treatment along its length, and with its plazas and plantings serves as a threshold towards the greater landscape of the interior. Three different landscape typologies can be identified in this interior park: the higher areas will be developed as a dehesa, a pasture and forest type characteristic of the Iberian peninsula, an intermediate area with an agrarian character, and the lower area, next to the urban edge, a riparian corridor associated with Valdefuentes stream restoration.

The lagoon is an important focal point of the future park, literally having a central location in the new urban development, and will be enjoyed from the main plaza on the urban edge, which serves as a balcony over the water and with excellent views of the greater landscape beyond.

The project is based on ´Sun and Shade`, the winning entry of the International Ideas Competition for an Urban Park in Valdebebas in 2009.