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Madrid, 2017-2018

Developer: City of Madrid

Surface area: 25.174 m2

Team: Porras Guadiana Arquitectos, Prointec

The redesign of Plaza de España, not only addresses the present shabbiness of the emblematic city square, but also tackles issues such as the role of public space in bringing new life to the city center, the benefit of interconnecting green urban areas and the importance of city trees and plantings for improving environmental quality.

The competition slogan ´Welcome Mother Nature` alludes to the intent of creating a natural hotspot, woven into the structure of the city. With the landscaping, the role of Nature as refuge, but also as a source of nourishment, is explored and has inspired including trees and shrubs with edible fruits and flowers. The majority of the species are representative of diverse Spanish regions, in honor of the name of the plaza. The planting areas under the large existing trees creating the conditions for shade tolerant species, so increasing the diversity of plant material. 

In order to better integrate existing trees into the project, the landscape team has undertaken a detailed tree study to evaluate health, risks and management strategies, including extensive protection measures during construction.